ODOO Consulting

Getting stuck using Odoo?

I’ve been working exclusively with the Odoo framework since 2018 as a dedicated odoo designer and developer. Knowing the ins and outs of this platform is what I specialize in, and enjoy.

Odoo is a very powerful framework, but just like anything new, it has its pros and cons and can also feel very overwhelming when you’re just starting out. So, feel free to leverage my advice when needed.

On-demand Solutions.

Private Coaching

Odoo is a great framework for the "Do It Yourselfer" but can be very overwhelming at first glance. Not knowing where to start, its strengths and weaknesses, and just getting hit in the face with so many options can be very frustrating. So, let me help guide you one-on-one.

Feature Requests

So, you're comfortable with Odoo and you're able to get your site 90% complete, but you need some help wrapping up a few items? This could be design-oriented or more on the development side of things, or a combination of both. Let me jump in and start helping out.


Currently, I have a handful of clients that I do this work for Clover & Crow, BK+Co, Sela Vie Creative, Amy’s Atelier, and Studio Seaside for example that is amazing designers but just need some assistance on more of the development side of things.


How it works.

We first jump on a phone or video call to have a quick meet and greet, and to discuss your problem areas so I have a better understanding of how I can help. This can usually be a combination of change requests, one-on-one training, custom pre-recorded video tutorials, and consulting. Basically, I'm on call when you need my advice, design, or coding skills.

Currently, my hourly rate is $20 an hour. Contact Me Today