About me

A few fun facts.

I have a passion for coffee, I have a cat named after MacGyver, my favorite number is 22, love a good Old Fashion, I play video games like it's my life, I knew what I wanted to do at the age of 13, my favorite food is bacon, and I broke my left arm twice.


I’m a husband, coffee enthusiast, dog person, gamer, and Odoo developer.

My Journey

Yes, as I stated in my fun facts above, I knew what I wanted to do by the age of 13. The short version is that I loved playing video games & using computer softwares, growing up and always had an interest to know how they were made. So, a small idea turned into me wanting to make my own video game & softwares. And after a few friends helping to fill up notebooks with thoughts, ideas, and drawings we quickly realized that I needed a proper learning. Obviously, this was before the internet was filled with this type of knowledge readily available at your fingertips (YouTube, Facebook, and even MySpace weren't a thing yet). So, I was able to teach myself the basics and build something.

Fast-forwarding, after graduating college with an bachelor's degree in Information Technology, I made my way into corporate jobs. First starting out as a busoness model engineer in the CG industry for a MNC company (StayInFront India) in 2016. This was the start of many-core understandings and played a key role in my thought process when thinking about development as a whole, especially when it comes to coding. After that, working my way into the development industry was a path that I created for myself based on one question that I still find myself asking, how does it work? This was the one question that started the passion I call my career.

After years in the industry, and having gone through multiple opportunities, some good, and some bad, I finally left my full-time job to venture on my own. It was January of 2021 that was my first day of working for myself as a Indepedent Odoo developer. So, here I am years later still doing the same thing, and still loving it.

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